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Do Africa’s latest battery-swapping stations put the US to shame?

Battery swapping for electric motorbikes isn’t new technology, but its adoption rate has proven to be remarkably inconsistent around the world. One of the biggest surprises recently has been one of the places where such technology has grown rapidly: Africa. Electric motorbike battery-swapping often takes hold in areas where car usage is outnumbered by…

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I bought Harley’s new electric motorcycle, here’s what showed up

LiveWire, the all-electric motorcycle brand spun out of Harley-Davidson, is shaping itself into a force to be reckoned with in the still-evolving electric motorcycle industry. The company brings an interesting mix of high-tech startup energy and a lumbering century-old motorcycle legacy that results in both an impressive (and growing) range of electric motorcycles but also…

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Mid-power electric motorcycles are a game changer for new riders

The motorcycle industry has long stood at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. While roaring engines and iconic designs have been the pride of the past, the future holds the hum of electric powertrains. Until recently, the electric revolution largely focused on creating the fastest, most powerful electric bikes, often sporting equally hefty price tags.…

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