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Full specs revealed for Harley’s new LiveWire S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle

We’ve been waiting for well over a year, but we’ve finally gotten the full specs on the upcoming LiveWire S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle. The nascent electric motorcycle company, spun out of the legacy motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson’s own internal e-motorcycle development, has just revealed the new bike’s full specs to the public. We already…

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How Africa could overtake the world in electric motorcycles

Europe is chugging along slowly but surely in the transition from noisy, polluting combustion engine motorcycles to quiet, efficient electrics. Asia has already made impressive progress, and North America is, well, making an attempt. But Africa could be poised to leap past everyone as several countries adopt ambitious plans to put millions of electric motorcycles…

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CSC E-RT3 launched as 75 MPH electric scooter for under $7,000

CSC Motorcycles, the southern California motorcycle and scooter (and e-bike) dealer known for its modestly-priced two-wheelers, has just unveiled yet another interesting electric scooter. The CSC E-RT3 comes with highway-capable specs yet at a fraction of the competition’s cost. The new launch follows on the heels of the recent CSC ES5 unveiling. That electric…

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